Quality Control

Quality is all about delivering what is required and providing assurance and satisfaction. Quality is never by an accident, it is always the result of honest intention, sincere effort, right direction and skillful execution. In the course of over two decades Orient has stood the test of time and have successfully achieved the targets it had set for itself. We have very stringent and disciplined quality norms, to ensure that we manufacture and deliver best quality products. The entire pre press, press and post press production processes are carried out in a systematic manner, with quality control checks at each and every stage of the production.

A foolproof processing system is followed during the production process and as a part of our policy, we strictly follow the systems of Line Clearances at every stage of production, physical partitioning of raw materials as well as finished goods, we avoid simultaneous running of similar job to prevent mixing and we have area clearance checks in between two job at any stage of the production. We also have multiple check points at each stage of production to avoid any error or discrepancy during productions; we have installed Pharma code readers and double sheet detectors in our folding and printing machines respectively to improve our quality further. In one statement quality control is the heart and soul of the production process at Orient and is an integral part of our daily work, we hold immense confidence in our quality systems and have always welcomed companies to visit us for audits on any working day without any prior notice.